Best Secrets for Hunting Pressured Whitetail Deer [Video]

It’s every hunter’s lament.  Whitetails on public land get too much hunting pressure.  They are paranoid and hide with pride.  What can you do to outwit them and fill your freezer?

LocaCarnivore found this info-packed video from Deer Hunting which will give you the edge you need next season.  One point the presenter makes is important.  You must scout an area months before the season opens and determine where the critters like to hang out.  Odds are they aren’t where you’d expect.  Hunting takes work, hard work.  So watch the video and learn how it’s done.

For those who prefer ground blinds to tree stands, here’s a review we did recently on the Ameristep Battlefield Ground Blind.  LocaCarnivore Test and Review: Ameristep Battlefield Ground Blind

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