Awesome Montana Whitetail Hunting [Video]

Once in a while we like our readers back East to taste some good old-fashioned western whitetail hunting. We found this great video which throws you right into the snow and cold on a late rifle season public land hunt in Montana.  This is deep in the rut so the bucks are a bit on the stupid side while they chase does across the last best place.

A few observations here.  You’ll notice how close to the deer these hunters get which belies the myth about how wearing orange scares off game.  The reality is, if you limit your movements and work the wind, what you wear is irrelevant.  Many eastern hunters labor under the impression hunting out West means long, 500 yard-plus shots.  Not always, as this video demonstrates.  Even though these guys are in a vast, open area, they are able to get within reasonable range for their shots.  We also appreciate how grateful they are for the animals they take.  All hunters should have such humility–it’s serious business what we do and victory laps are in poor taste.

Sit back and enjoy some prime Montana whitetail hunting!

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