The .30-30 Winchester: More Than You Think [Video]

The underappreciated .30-30 Winchester has, in all likelihood, taken more deer for more years than any other center-fire rifle cartridge in history.  Introduced in the late 19th century, it used the then new smokeless powder to produce velocities beyond what hunters had known.  Since then it has become America’s iconic medium game cartridge housed in easy to handle lever-action carbines.  There are few, if any, North American game species which have not fallen to the .30-30 at one time or another.

Gun maven, Paul Harrell, has produced this great video about why the .30-30 is such an outstanding cartridge.  We here at LocaCarnivore love Paul’s work, and this particular video is no exception.  So sit back and enjoy the .30-30 Winchester.

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