Moose Calling Secrets: Must Know Techniques to Help You Fill Your Freezer

Moose hunting is fun and rewarding.  How’s half a year’s meat supply sound?  Too many hunters have the misconception moose hunting just happens in Alaska or Canada.  Truth is, moose have a wide range across the northern states and are found as far south as Colorado.

Moose tags are hard to come by in some states.  To help you succeed on your special hunt, LocaCarnivore found this unique video which will teach you basic moose calling.  Moose prefer wooded terrain.  Although associated with marshy country, moose are quite at home in rugged mountains with conifer forests, as well.  Bottom line, never assume a moose will do anything.  Remember, they didn’t read all the books about moose behavior.

Let’s learn how to call Bullwinkle’s cousin!

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