Forget Bullwinkle, Moose are Dangerous Game [Video]

You’ll never forget this heart-stopper video.  This is why I always treat moose as dangerous game.  They are unpredictable, and during the rut, aggressive.  Not to mention ill-tempered cow moose when their calves are nearby.

If you hunt in moose country, it makes sense to take a gun which can stop a charge: .45-70, 9.3×62 Mauser, .35 Whelen, .338 Win. Mag., .375 H&H Mag., etc.  The video’s producers don’t mention what caliber the hunter used, or if he had experience with other dangerous game species.  One thing is clear, a charge is often unexpected and fast.

Moose get little respect because they look ungainly and people think they are stupid.  Truth is, they often have to fight off wolves to survive, and when you grow up is such a neighborhood, you get mean, fast.  Moose can gore you with their antlers, but their preferred method is to stomp you into goo with those sharp, pan-sized hooves.

So, watch this video and learn.  Moose can and will kill you under the right (wrong?) circumstances.  Use enough gun, know the moose’s vital areas when it faces you, and have an escape route in mind when you encounter a moose.

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