New Compact Ruger 9mm Hits the Streets and Hunting Fields

Ruger’s latest entry into the crowded compact carry pistol market has all the ingredients for a good backup handgun for hunters.  Dubbed the “Security-9,” the double stack 9mm is set to challenge industry leaders such as the Glock G19 and Sig P320.

The Security-9 has the same trigger group as Ruger’s LCP II.  It combines a striker-fired style, built-in safety and an internal hammer.  Ruger claims it provides a clean, crisp trigger break much like a hammer-fired single action.  This should appeal to locacarnivores who use their backup pistols for both protection and to hunt small game.  Good sights and a good trigger are important when shooting at a grouse or rabbit thirty yards away.

The Security-9 features 15+1 round capacity; a glass reinforced, nylon frame; alloy steel slide; drift adjustable sights; and a 1911-style thumb safety.  Suggested retail is $399.00 which is about $100.00 less than a similar sized Glock G19.

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