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Year: 2017

Amazing Spot and Stalk on Pronghorn [Video]

Pronghorn.  Say the word and hunters think 800 yard shots, precision bench rest rifles, and endless, wind swept prairie.  Yes, many speed goats are taken at longer ranges, but if you try just a little and apply some old-school techniques Read More

Ruger’s New Takedown Survival Carbine

Ever wish you had a handy little carbine you could take into the backcountry in your pack?  Light, easy to shoot, and versatile?  Looks like Ruger may have your gun. The innovative company has just introduced its PC Carbine.  No, Read More

Forget Bullwinkle, Moose are Dangerous Game [Video]

You’ll never forget this heart-stopper video.  This is why I always treat moose as dangerous game.  They are unpredictable, and during the rut, aggressive.  Not to mention ill-tempered cow moose when their calves are nearby. If you hunt in moose Read More

New Compact Ruger 9mm Hits the Streets and Hunting Fields

Ruger’s latest entry into the crowded compact carry pistol market has all the ingredients for a good backup handgun for hunters.  Dubbed the “Security-9,” the double stack 9mm is set to challenge industry leaders such as the Glock G19 and Read More

LSU Scientist Paves Way for Possible CWD Vaccine and Cure

In a recent press release, Louisiana State University reports neuropathologist, Frank Bastian, has developed a method which could lead to either a vaccine for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), a cure, or both. Bastian’s breakthrough is a process to grow CWD Read More

Mule Deer: We Aren’t Back East, Toto [Video]

Out here in the West, things are different.  Real different.  While many Eastern hunters think elk when they think Western hunting, truth is, mule deer are what fill freezers here year in and year out.  If you’ve just hunted back Read More

Free Holiday Desktop Wallpaper From The LocaCarnivore!

We wish you a Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!  Download and enjoy The LocaCarnivore’s computer desktop wallpaper and show your holiday and hunting spirit. Here are the instructions for installing it on Windows 10 machines: Right-click Read More

Secrets for Finding Late Season Elk [Video]

Every elk hunter knows the drill.  You go into the mountains in November and freeze half to death.  You hike up and down hill after hill in knee-deep snow, and by season’s end, you have nothing to show for the Read More

All-American Heavy Weights: Three Hard-Hitting Cartridges from the Home of the Brave

Europeans, the British in particular, introduced powerful big game cartridges to the world, designed to bring down the planet’s largest and fiercest animals. The United States arms industry, for the most part, lagged behind until after the Second World War. Read More

Attack of the Drones: Washington Begins Aerial Game Surveillance

Just when you thought the woods were the last place you could go and not have surveillance cameras pointed at you, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife announced they will fly small photographic drones to monitor moose calving during Read More

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