Ruger’s New Takedown Survival Carbine

Ever wish you had a handy little carbine you could take into the backcountry in your pack?  Light, easy to shoot, and versatile?  Looks like Ruger may have your gun.

The innovative company has just introduced its PC Carbine.  No, “PC” doesn’t stand for “Politically Correct.”  Instead it is the name for a carbine which fires pistol ammunition.  Although not a new idea, per se, Ruger’s take on this concept looks like it should fill many roles: small game rifle, home defense, and compact survival gun, to name a few.

The PC Carbine accepts either Ruger or Glock pistol magazines.  Just swap the mag well to change between the two.  It also features a reversible magazine release and charging handle, so you lefties aren’t left out.  Length of pull is also adjustable.  Just add or subtract the included shims between the stock and recoil pad.  This feature should make this gun a favorite for youth and small-framed shooters.  The carbine is disassembled and reassembled without tools, perfect for backpack trips, a camp gun, hunting vehicles, or bush planes, not to mention the zombie apocalypse.

Th aluminum receiver has a Picatinny rail along the top which accepts standard optics mounts.  The stock has provisions for various accessories such as lights or lasers.  The muzzle is threaded as well.  You can accessorize the gun to suit your needs.

The PC Carbine is chambered in 9mm Luger for now.  No word from Ruger on other calibers in the future.  With a 16.5 inch barrel, the 9mm becomes a potent small game or self-defense cartridge with little recoil.  It also has much less muzzle blast than a 5.56 mm or 7.62 mm carbine, important in a room-to-room home defense situation.  9mm ammunition is available everywhere and it’s inexpensive.

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