Secrets for Finding Late Season Elk [Video]

Every elk hunter knows the drill.  You go into the mountains in November and freeze half to death.  You hike up and down hill after hill in knee-deep snow, and by season’s end, you have nothing to show for the effort except sore feet.

Late season elk hunting is even more frustrating for locacarnivores because they often have neither the time or funds to travel long distances from home to find good elk country.  More often than not, they have to make do with an over the counter antlered elk tag and nearby public land.  So what’s the secret to finding what Native Americans called “The Forest Ghost?”

Randy Newberg produces some great hunting videos which we always love here at LocaCarnivore Magazine.  As luck would have it, he has this excellent, concise guide to finding elk on public land during late fall.  The main thing locacarnivores must know is what do elk need at any given time during the year?  Answer that, and you have the key which could lead to filling your freezer with the prince of game meats–elk.

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