Shoot a Double Rifle the Right Way (Professional Hunter Secrets)

There is a right way and a wrong way to do everything.  When it comes to dangerous game hunting, the wrong way will get you killed, fast.  The internet is filled with videos about charges by Cape buffalo, elephant, lions, bears, even moose.  It’s easy while in your living room to sit back and assume since stopping a charge with a double rifle looks easy, it is easy.  All activities which take practice and skill look easy when performed by a trained professional whether it is baseball, car racing, stunt flying, or even big game hunting.

The truth is, there is both a science and an art to these things, and standing toe to toe with the planet’s most dangerous animals is no exception.  You can’t just pick up a big-bore rifle, set off, and expect to come back in one piece.

In this video, a veteran African professional hunter shares his secrets on how to shoot a double rifle when your life hangs in the balance.  Fair warning, this man is, to be kind, firm in his opinions and his opinion of himself.  If you look past the braggadocio (and some sketchy gun safety moments), the core techniques he shares about gun handling and mind set here will help you become not just prepared to face death on four feet, but also a better hunter in general.


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