Don’t Miss a Once in a Lifetime Shot! Expert Tips From the USMC [Video]

Long range hunting is the fashion these days, but do you know the fundamentals which will ensure you can hit a distant target with precision?  This great video goes in-depth to help you understand and find your natural point of aim.  You can have the fanciest rifle and the best ammo on the planet, but if you don’t find your natural point of aim every time you shoot, you will miss and not understand why.

One thing the video should deal with, but doesn’t, is how to hold the rifle’s forearm if you don’t have a bipod.  You should always sight-in and practice at the range with the same grip on the forearm you will use in the field.  This is important if you shoot a heavy recoiling magnum rifle.  If you don’t hang on, you’ll get an eyebrow tattoo from the scope.  Either way you shoot, with or without a bipod, line up squarely behind the gun, relax your entire body, and find the natural point of aim.  Then you’ll have the best chance to put dinner in the freezer this season.

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