LocaCarnivore DIY: Pro Tips to Improve Your Rifle’s Long-Range Accuracy [Video]

Your rifle used to drive tacks.  Now, it won’t hit the proverbial barn.  New rifle time, right?  Wrong.  When a good rifle goes bad, too many shooters go off the rails and assume something serious is wrong with the gun.  Before you take a sledge-hammer to your beautiful, expensive toy, start with the simple stuff.

Often, poor groups are caused by excessive carbon and copper buildup in the barrel and chamber.  Before you whine to your gunsmith or spend time at work surfing the web for a new, custom barrel, clean your poor gun.  Believe it or not, you can restore lost accuracy if you just clean the chamber and bore with the proper technique.  Here to teach you these methods are the experts at the National Shooting Sports Foundation in this great video.  Here at LocaCarnivore, we love the NSSF.  They’re a terrific resource for all shooters and hunters, and this video is no exception.  So, watch and learn, then get back on the range and drive those tacks.


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