Long Range Hunting: Do it Right or Go Home

Let’s get one thing straight, most game animals are taken at two hundred yards or less. Shooting—and hitting—at longer ranges is the exception, not the rule.

So why is long-range hunting now all the rage? Two major factors influenced this latest trend—some say fad. Well publicized exploits by American and allied snipers in Iraq and Afghanistan have rekindled the public’s interest in long-range, precision shooting combined with hunters’ traditional frustration at animals which are often untouchable
across mountain canyons or wide open expanses. Taken at face value, long-range hunting seems no less ethical than stalking in close, but is it?

An ethical hunter dispatches game with as little suffering as possible and recovers any animal shot. A wounded animal who wanders off to die a lingering death far from the shooting site is the worst possible outcome. In short, a humane kill requires a well-placed shot coupled with enough bullet energy to inflict immediate, decisive trauma.
To accomplish this, hunters must have two things… Read More

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