Hit at 1000 Yards Every Time! (Expert Rifle Set Up Secrets You Can Do Now)

These days, seems everybody wants to get into the long-range hunting game.  It’s imperative you get your long-range rifle set up and zeroed right.  If you mess it up, you’ll go home empty handed next season, or worse yet, leave a wounded animal to die a needless, lingering death.

Here at LocaCarnivore we believe in getting close before you shoot at a game animal.  Trouble is, “close” varies from region to region.  In Pennsylvania’s jungle-thick woods, close is 30 yards.  On Wyoming’s wind swept prairie, it’s often 400 yards or more.  You make your best stalk, and then you must decide: shoot or no shoot.  If you chose to “send it,” you’ll need the best equipment and the best training.

This great video by MOA Rifles’ Bob Beck, takes you step by step through rifle set up and zeroing out to 1000 yards.  With the right tools and some patience, you can do this by yourself.  The bonus is Bob gets the job done with fewer than 20 rounds!  We like that–ammo is spendy.

One thing to note is how the swinging metal targets react to the 7mm Remington Magnum’s impact at various ranges.  By the time Bob shoots at 1000 yards, even this mighty cartridge moves the steel less than you might think.  There’s not much energy left at such ranges.  Just goes to show why we say get in close, and when you think you’re too close, go in closer.

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