Wish I Knew This Before I Got a Glock

Wish I knew this before I got a Glock.  Glock claims their pistols are “Perfection.”  While they enjoy a stellar reputation–two-thirds of American police carry one–they are still mechanical devices.  Designed, built, and maintained by humans, and thus can have problems.  There some things which could stand improvement on Glocks, as well.

Over the decades since the Glock invaded American shores and pushed aside other competitors, Glock has made incremental improvements to their product, but the overall design remains the same as in 1982 when the Austrian army first adopted it.  Something about Teutonic engineering companies, I guess, since Glock, much as Porsche does, never makes revolutionary changes.  They just massage and tweak the original design to remove a rough spot here, an imperfection there.  The end result is past iterations are good, but each successive generation is just a bit better.

Even so, before you get a Glock, you need to know their strengths and weaknesses.  There are also numerous myths about these guns, some based in truth, others outright magical thinking.

To learn the important things about Glock pistols, watch our informative video hosted by an Austrian, turned American.  No, the other one…

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