Hot Handgun Hunting Action (10mm Auto v. Wild Hogs)

Handgun hunting is, without a doubt, a fantastic challenge.  You have to get in close–bow hunting close.  It’s also much harder to hit well with a handgun.  To make it even more difficult, try to ground stalk you prospective dinner.  No tree stands, no ground blinds, just you, your best Ninja moves, and the critters.

Hog hunting is also a challenge.  Feral porkers are elusive, smart, and built like mini-tanks.  In the U.S., almost half the country is now overrun with these yummy vermin, and they continue to increase their range.  Hogs do substantial property damage each year, so it’s no surprise infested states have generous bag limits on these ornery self-propelled hams.

Combine hogs with handguns and you have a supreme challenge, and just for fun, use a normal handgun, not a scoped, tricked-out made for hunting one.

Guess what? Here’s a great video with all three factors rolled into one.  Follow along as a hunter gives it a go against some south Florida porcines with an off-the-shelf Glock 10mm pistol.  Nothing fancy, just solid hunting action–up close and personal.


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