Hog Hunting Must Knows (Pro Tips)

It’s a fact, Feral hogs are a plague upon the land in many southern and mid-western states.  Every year they invade new territory.  Hogs have spread as far east as Ohio and as north as Michigan.  At their present growth rate, it’s quite possible they will blanket North America in a decade.  So far, no climate has proven too inhospitable for them.  They can eat almost anything–even deer fawns!  They destroy crop land, eat wild game bird eggs, rip up fences, and strip trees.  Left unchecked, feral hogs will present a clear and present danger to American agriculture and wildlife.  Yes, they could threaten our food supply.

What can you, as a hunter, do to stop this unbridled destruction?  Kill hogs!  Kill as many as your state game department allows.  In most places, they are not regulated as a game species, so hunters often do not need a license, and bag limits are large, or non-existent.

If you’re new to hog hunting, or even if you’ve hunted them for some time, we can all use these great tips from hunter Keith Warren.  Keith covers the whole topic range, from where and when to hunt hogs, to how punch ’em with a bullet or arrow for best results.  Don’t forget, hogs are great to eat, too.  You can fill your freezer with ham and bacon as well as defend our land and food.  Now, get out there and hit some hogs.


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