Cold Bore Shots and Rifle Zero (What to Worry About)

Every hunter is only as good as their cold bore shot.  First shots count in hunting–you may not get another–so you better hit first time, every time.  Rifle zero is important, too.  Whether you are a long-range hunter or, like me, just want to insure you can drop a deer or elk at reasonable ranges, it pays to know how important cold bore shots and rifle zero are for a hunter.

All too often, hunter’s get obsessed with minutiae which might matter in target matches but have no importance when flinging lead at an 800 pound moose who’s as tall as a pickup truck.  The important thing is to know when your rifle is good enough to get the job done with you behind the trigger.

Here at LocaCarnivore, we keep an eye out for talented people who make useful, common sense videos.  Panhandle Precision is a channel we just discovered, and we think you’ll benefit from their down to earth approach to precision shooting and hunting, with emphasis on the hunting.

So, sit back and enjoy as Panhandle Precision gives you the 411 on what to worry about when it comes to cold bore shots and rifle zero, and more to the point, what not to worry about.


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