10mm vs. .45 ACP+P (Thor’s Hammer Takes on G.I. Joe)

There’s no middle ground when it comes to the 10mm Auto. Shooters either love it—some to rapture—or they deride it as overrated and unnecessary. For a long time the doubters almost prevailed.

Introduced in 1983, the “Ten” drew little initial interest in the market, what with just one unproven gun available for it: the Bren Ten. A few years later, the world took notice thanks to clever product placement. “Miami Vice” premiered on national television in 1984. Don Johnson, as Detective “Sonny” Crocket, dressed to the nines in the latest 80s high-dollar fashions and wielded a Bren Ten to vanquish dope dealers and other lowlifes in shootout after shootout. Overnight, the 10mm became a star.

Then, just as fast as it rocketed to the top…

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