Montana Halts 2018 Grizzly Hunt [Breaking News]

For many Montanans: hunters, outfitters, and those who have been attacked and maimed, Montana’s proposed grizzly bear hunt couldn’t come soon enough.  This week, the state’s Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Department announced they would have to wait at least another year before a hunting season will happen for this iconic and dangerous big game species.

Montana’s game managers cited many reasons for the one year minimum delay.  They claim they are constrained by Federal management guidelines which limit hunting and control culling to a small percentage based on the over all bear population.  Other factors include a desire to continue studies by state wildlife biologists to ensure no mistakes are made once hunting is allowed.  While Montana FWP did not address the issue, it is widely known the agency faces numerous legal challenges over both the recent delisting and planned hunt from out-of-state pressure groups.

At the moment, there is no firm timetable for future grizzly hunts.  FWP states they will inform the public as their studies and re-evaluation progresses.  LocaCarnivore will continue to keep you up to date on any new developments.

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