Coyote Calling Secrets You Can Use Right Now [Expert Video]

If you hunt deer, and want to continue to have deer to hunt, you must hunt coyotes.  Coyotes are the most prevalent predator in North America.  Each spring they kill far too many deer fawns–they kill your food.  Not to mention all the livestock and pets they kill and maim.  While predators are necessary for a balanced ecosystem, too many predators destroy the balance and create severe problems for game managers and conservationists.  Coyote populations require just as much attention as any other wildlife.  It’s up to hunters, as the apex predator, to keep them at sustainable levels.

Okay, you ask, how do I hunt coyotes?  The most effective method, other than trapping, is to call them into an ambush.  Predator hunting, like all other hunting, has seen a technology explosion in the last few decades driven by the electronics revolution.

Coyote hunters used to rely on mouth calls, but sophisticated electronic callers changed the game.  Trouble is, the newest callers are expensive–at least the good ones.  They’ll set you back several hundred dollars, or more.

Here at LocaCarnivore, we prefer traditional, time-tested methods and equipment, not to mention we like effective, inexpensive gear.  We found this well produced, to the point video which will teach you how call coyotes with standard mouth calls.  The presenter is an experienced Montana predator hunter and he shares his secrets to make those crafty song dogs run to you.  Watch and learn.

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