LocaCarnivore Expert: The Best .308 Based Cartridge [Virtual Test]

When the U.S. Military replaced the venerable .30-06 Springfield with the .308 Winchester, aka 7.62mm NATO, in 1952, no one thought it would become the most popular hunting cartridge in America. Like its storied predecessor, many other cartridges were developed from the .308’s case, a case which fit just right into short-action Mauser type bolt-action rifles.

The Short-Action Advantage

Short-action bolt guns are, as the name implies, shorter than either a standard or magnum length action, which allows rifle designers to reduce both a weapon’s length and weight. Short-action rifles are handier and easier to pack into remote locations, and they make a great platform for ultra-light-weight mountain rifles.The .308, and its descendants, give these shorter, lighter rifles enough power for most big game species without the harsh recoil the newer short magnums dish out, but which is best?  Read More

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