Wind Estimation Secrets for Long-Range Hunting [Video]

All too many shooters fixate on bullet drop: how far the bullet hits below line of sight at a given range.  This is important, but just as important is the effect the wind has on your bullet.

Bullets are not guided missiles.  Once fired, they charge down range in the direction they’re pointed, unless acted upon by an external force (thank you, Issac Newton).  They can’t correct for course variations.  They drop due to gravity and the wind moves them side-to-side.

If you plan to shoot at game animals beyond fifty yards, you must understand how wind will affect your bullet, and how to compensate enough to hit your target.  Wind estimation is both science and dark art.

We found this excellent video produced by the Nation Shooting Sports Foundation.  In it, an Army Ranger sniper teaches the basic wind estimation techniques you need to shoot better in windy conditions.  Warning: math ahead.  Don’t despair, though, it’s simple.  You’ll find it’s easy to use after just a little practice.  So, watch, learn, and then go out to the range and try it!

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