6.5 PRC: The Just Right 6.5mm Cartridge

Thirty years ago, American shooters, for the most part, could care less about 6.5mm bullets or the cartridges which fired them. This reflected a situation which had existed since World War Two’s end in 1945. Other than the small cadre who understood and loved the 6.5×55 Swedish, post-war America remained a land dominated by .30 calibers and magnums.

A scant eleven years ago, in 2008, Hornady brought to market a curious beast. Dubbed the 6.5 Creedmoor, their brain child served but one, focused purpose—punch neat, tight grouped holes in faraway paper targets. Long-range match shooters had migrated away from the once gold standard .300 Winchester Magnum to both 6mm and 6.5mm diameter bullets to… Read More


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