Ammunition Review: Winchester Super-X .300 Win. Mag. 180 Grain Power Point

I must declare my bias up front. I love the .300 Winchester Magnum. It is accurate, shoots flat, and available on any gun store shelf. I’ve hunted with it for four or five seasons now and its effectiveness is something one must observe in the field to appreciate in full. This cartridge makes wounds not too dissimilar to those produced by my tried and true .375 H&H. With just one exception (my fault), critters hit with this laser-like wonder tend to tip over as if their hooves were hinged to the ground. Bang, smack, drop. What’s not to like?

A Great Start, But…

My first season with the .300 Win. Mag., housed in a Savage Model 111, I hadn’t time to source and test multiple loads to find the ideal one. I grabbed some budget priced ammo made in Eastern Europe, zeroed it, and went after deer and elk in Montana. While I didn’t get any wapiti, I did fill the freezer with…  Read More


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