Ruger Brings Back the Classic 6.5×55 Swedish (New Rifle Review)

The 6.5mm cartridges are the hot ticket, right now.  With all the hyperbole about the 6.5 Creedmoor, and others, it’s high time the 6.5 family’s great scion got some attention.  I refer to none other than the wonderful, 6.5x55mm Swedish.

The Swede appeared in the late 1800s as Western armies raced to field ever more effective service rifles based on the then new, smokeless gun powder.  The 6.5×55 came about as a joint development between Sweden and Norway.  Once they had the cartridge, Sweden housed it in a contract-built Mauser while Norway adopted the Krag rifle.  The cartridge itself went on to become a superstar with Scandinavian hunters, and then throughout the world.

The 6.5 Swede hits way above its weight class and has, at one time or another, dropped every game animal on the planet.  It’s forte is moose and bear, but it will provide astounding results on any medium or large game–if the hunter does their part to put these sleek, deep penetrating bullets in the proper place.

It’s been some time since American gun makers offered production rifles for this excellent round.  Ruger has just announced a new M77 Hawkeye, chambered in 6.5x55mm.  The rifle is a variant in their African series and has all the classic touches one would expect in a safari grade rifle.

For the full story, read this piece from Guns Illustrated.



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