The Glock G42 Is The Best .380? (Full Range Review)

The Glock G42 is the best .380?  EVER!?  A bold claim, but is it true?  The G42 isn’t the smallest .380 on the market, nor the largest.  It hits the “Goldilocks” sweet spot: it’s “just right.”

Pocket guns are the hottest thing on the market these days.  Empowered, law-abiding citizens and law enforcement officers love them as light weight EDC guns and backup guns.  Everyday a new .380 model springs forth from the gun industrial complex to vie for buyers’ attention, but which one is the best overall?  Well, you’re in luck!

LocaCarnivore got our hands on a new G42 and put it through its paces on the range.  We sure didn’t expect this, though!  Watch our terrific video and learn if the Glock G42 is the best .380 – everYour life could depend on it.

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