Basic Must Have Hunting Gear (What’s in Your Pack?)

Many hunters ask the LocaCarnivore staff what gear they should bring on a hunt.  There are lots of options, but some things are more necessary than others.  Here with some solid recommendations is renown hunting expert, Keith Warren.  In this video, Keith shares the lessons he’s learned during a thirty year hunting career.

While Keith’s kit is a good one, there are a few things we’d add.  Cable ties (those thin plastic strips which lock into a loop) are great for attaching tags to a carcass, hanging quarters up away from predators, or strapping things to your pack.  Para-cord: a twenty or thirty-foot piece is ideal for building emergency shelters or lashing things together.  A compass is invaluable when your GPS’ batteries die. A compact headlamp will free up your hands for dressing game, fixing something, or walking back to camp or the truck.  Game bags are compact and light; they will save your valuable game meat while you pack it out or hang it in camp.  Compact knife hone/sharpener: the good ones are fool-proof.

Watch Keith’s video and see if you agree with his choices.  Perhaps you’ll get an idea for something he didn’t mention.


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