10 Best Hunting Backpacks: Real User Reviews [Video]

When you shop for a hunting backpack, it can get confusing.  There are many on the market made by numerous companies.  Prices vary from insanely cheap to insanely expensive.  How do you choose which is best for you?

There are two main backpack types for hunting: day/overnight packs and expedition packs.

Day packs are smaller and lighter, and have either no frame or an internal frame.  These packs will carry basics such as a water bladder, snacks, and perhaps some rain gear or layering garments.  Their biggest drawback for the hunter is they won’t let you carry a boned-out elk or deer.

Expedition packs are much larger and have an internal or external frame.  These are what you want for a five-day backcountry hunt.  They let you take clothes, tents, sleeping bags, etc.– and your game meat.

Both types should have a means to carry either your rifle or bow with comfort, and protect the weapon.

Most video reviews for hunting packs are produced by the pack’s manufacturer.  Not what you’d call objective.  The videos are just advertising copy.  So, how are you to get an unbiased review?  Fear not, LocaCarnivore to the rescue!  We found this video which reviews the top 10 packs and isn’t produced by a pack maker or retailer.  While the production values are bit limited, the video tells you what actual users say about these packs.

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