Don’t Get a Bad Gun: How to Buy a Used Revolver [Video]

Revolvers have been around since the early 1800s, which means there are millions on the used gun market.  A good used revolver makes for a great handgun buy.  With some exceptions, they are less expensive than a new one, yet work just as well.  It doesn’t matter if you want the revolver for self-defense, hunting, or target shooting, the inspection process is the same.

We found this helpful video which will teach you how to navigate through the often perilous used revolver market to find an affordable gem.  The video is comprehensive, but we’d suggest you look at a few additional things it doesn’t mention.

  • If the shop or person selling the revolver will permit it, remove the grip panels and inspect the gun’s interior.  Once in a while, you’ll find a rusted or damaged gun which has been given a cosmetic makeover to sell it to a gullible person.  Dishonest sellers will seldom bother to clean and polish areas not readily visible.  Also, ensure the grips fit tight to the frame with no gaps or high spots.
  • On models with adjustable sights, check the front and rear sight for security.  You don’t want any looseness.
  • With the hammer cocked, apply light to moderate thumb pressure to the hammer spur.  The hammer should not snap forward.  Do this for each cylinder.
  • Always check all cylinders for proper lockup and bore alignment.
  • Research the revolver model(s) you are interested in before you go shopping to ensure you know fair market value and how to identify one.


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