Classic Safari Cartridges Are Alive and Well (Colorful Chart)

Do you need ammo for a .240 Holland and Holland Flanged?  How about a .500/465 Nitro Express?  Many fine classic safari rifles never see daylight anymore because their owners believe the cartridges for them have been discontinued long ago.

This just isn’t true, old chap!  Good news, Kynamco, Ltd. in England still produces ammunition for almost all classic safari and sporting rifles under the time-honored Kynoch brand.  Those familiar red and yellow boxes which adorned so many hunting camps in Africa, Asia, and Europe in the years before, and between, the World Wars haven’t gone away.

Even if you don’t own a bespoke English double rifle or a Rigby tuned Mauser magnum bolt-action, you’ll still enjoy learning more about hunting’s rich history from this great cartridge chart.  Just click the link below to see the full Kynoch ammunition range with colourful illustrations for each cartridge.

Kynoch Big Game Cartridge Chart


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