Don’t Miss Out (Yummy Rabbit Recipes From the Last Frontier)

Not much to hunt in winter?  Wrong, my friends.  All the white stuff on the ground is your clue to get out and bust some snow shoe hares.  Perhaps the most challenging small game around, the snow show is well camouflaged in its pure white jammies (hint–look for the black ear tips) and it’s quick as lightning when flushed.  You can hunt them up with a well-trained gun dog, get a few buddies to push an area, go it alone with spot and stalk, or trap them (keep it legal, people).   Those furry rabbit jammies I mentioned earlier?  They make fantastic hats and mittens, so don’t throw away the hide.

Some folks complain about rabbit meat’s flavor.  The secret here is in the preparation.  The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has some fantastic snow shoe hare recipes.  Just click the link for all the yummy details.

Snow Shoe Rabbit Recipes


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