Best Rabbit Gun: Retired Soldier Gives You the 411 for Your Next Hunt [Video]

Wintertime is rabbit time.  This is when you hone your shooting and hunting skills in the lull between fall big game and spring turkey or bear seasons.  Few adversaries give you as much challenge and excitement as the ultra-fast, unpredictable rabbit.

Here at LocaCarnivore we love Paul Harrell’s videos.  They’re well produced and informative.  Plus, you get Paul’s insights based on his military experiences.  In this one, he runs down recommendations for what to bring to a rabbit hunt.  While he has eyes set on a Montana jack rabbit hunt, you can apply what he says to any rabbit species.  We happen to prefer snowshoe hare around the LocaCarnivore area of operations.

Paul has some good advice and he stresses how much rabbit hunting will sharpen your skills.  We just prefer you plan to eat whatever you animals you kill, though.  Also, we recommend you use copper plated or steel shot, and jacketed bullets to reduce lead transfer from the pellets to the meat.

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