Small Game Hunting with Primitive Bows and Flintlocks

Small game hunting is fun.  It sharpens a hunter’s eye, stalking skills, and marksmanship.  But wait, there’s more…  Amp up the fun with primitive weapons.  Leave the laser and thermal sighted AR at home and try a handmade self bow with crafted wood arrows and knapped stone points.  You’ll soon discover our ancestors had top drawer skills to survive with such weapons.

For one thing, you have to get in close–real close.  This is the true test for any hunter; the ability to approach game like a Ninja.  Looking at you, long-range hunters.  For another, it’s enlightening to pick up and use older technology.  History becomes reality in your hands, not stale words in a book.

We found this great video which features both primitive archery and flintlock small game hunting.  Watch it, and afterward, try to convince me you don’t want to give it a go.


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Interested in primitive, edged, and improvised weapons?  You need this book by LJ Bonham, available in e-book and trade paper back:

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