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Youth Hunter Attacked by Ferocious Feral Hogs

The Missouri Department of Conservation has confirmed in a recent press release a youth hunter and his grandfather were attacked by feral hogs over the October 28th weekend. The youth had just shot his first deer.  The pair followed the Read More

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe — Cider and Orange Turkey Brine [Recipe]

If you’ve been lucky this fall turkey season to get your own tom, you’re probably wondering how you should cook it.  Here is an excellent turkey brining recipe I use that will tame even the toughest tom.  It’s also great Read More

Secrets for Rattling and Calling Whitetail Deer [Video]

It’s the rut right now.  All over America, whitetail deer are fighting for mates.  They’ve dropped their guard and are looking for just one thing, which makes this the perfect time to rattle or call a buck to convert into Read More

Federal Announces New, Insanely Accurate Cartridge for 5.56 Platform Rifles

Just when you thought years would pass before we saw another new cartridge designed for long-range shooting, here come the latest from Federal: the .224 Valkyrie.  German speakers will note the name should be spelled “Walkure,” with an umlaut on Read More

Keep Out! Gating the American West and the Death of the Working Class Hunter

“Oh no, not here, too.”  My gut wrenched and lunch threatened to erupt from within.  My wife and I were on an afternoon hunt in an area we had visited for a decade.  Many local families had hunted here for Read More

Secrets for Hunting from a Ground Blind [Video]

LocaCarnivore debuted their new Ameristep ground blind this fall.  Watch for a full test and review in an upcoming issue.  As usual, we jumped in with both feet.  I mean how hard could it be?  Set up the blind, get Read More

Unlock the Secrets to Mule Deer Hunting [Video]

We found this superb video about hunting Montana mule deer during the rut.  Mule deer present unique challenges compared to their whitetail cousins.  They inhabit rolling hill county and mountains with a million places to hide.  You won’t get them Read More

Secrets for Why Game Meat is so Good for You [Podcast]

Game meat is the best possible protein source on the planet, but do you know why? This wonderful podcast produced by the Nevada Department of Wildlife will give you all the info. NPW Podcast   Other helpful stories you’ll like: Read More

First Day of Whitetail Deer Season

The first day of rifle season for deer and elk is always fraught with worry.  This year, we knew I’d have to harvest my deer first because I had drawn an antlerless whitetail tag and my husband didn’t.  We went Read More

LocaCarnivore Expert: Best Hunting Cartridges for AR Rifles

AR platform rifles are now the most popular rifle in America with well over five million owned nationwide. They are the fastest selling, fastest growing, segment in the firearms market today. The AR is a superb hunting rifle: accurate, reliable, Read More

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