Get Top Accuracy With This Neat Trick (LocaCarnivore DIY Series)

Every one likes accuracy, hunters included.  Bullet placement on game is mission critical.  If you load your own ammunition, you can tailor it to wring the best accuracy from your particular rifle.  Today’s video shows you how to measure your gun’s optimum cartridge overall length (COAL) if you shoot bullets with secant ogives.  Some popular hunting bullets with a secant ogive are Sierra Game King, Berger VLD, and Nosler’s AccuBond Long Range.  Secant ogive bullets like to just touch a barrel’s rifling lands.  This video explains why you want a bit less COAL than right on the lands for hunting ammunition.

While the video doesn’t address tangent ogive bullets such as Nosler’s Partiton, you can use the same method shown and then fire test loads which are shortened in increments until you find the bullet and barrel’s first harmonic node off the lands.

Regardless which bullet type you use, make sure your optimum COAL rounds still fit into, and feed from, your magazine.

Sit back, get some popcorn, and prepare to improve your rifle’s accuracy.


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