Fast and Furious Goose Hunting Action! [Video]

There’s an old saw about flying: it’s ninety-nine percent boredom interspersed with one percent stark terror.  Kinda like goose hunting, as these Pennsylvania hunters found out.  If you haven’t done much bird hunting, or water fowling, you should.

Game birds are tasty and make for a great change from venison or other game meat during a winter.  Too many people pass on water fowling because they think they have to get out on the water, and it is equipment intensive (read “expensive”) what with boats, dogs, etc.

There’s another way to go about it, though.  Set up on a field with a good goose food source such as harvested grain.  Put out the decoys and wait.  This is just what the hunters in this video did.  Watch and see if it paid off.


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