Exciting Montana Spring Black Bear Hunt (Video Action)

Montana, “The Last Best Place,” is famous for its bears and hunting.  It’s not easy, though.  Montana is what is known as a “spot and stalk” state when it comes to black bear hunting.  Hunters are not allowed to use bait to draw bears in, rather, they must scour this vast landscape just to find a bear, then creep within range to administer the coup d’grace.  Along the way, a hunter can meet up with grumpy moose, fierce mountain lions, or even a deadly grizzly bear.  It’s not for the faint of heart–or the physically unfit.  You’ll work hard to get a bear in Montana.

Join us for this exciting bear hunt video produced by Montana Wild.  It shows you just what to expect on a Montana spring black bear hunt: hiking, climbing, glassing, waiting, hiking some more–a lot more–and with luck, a shot at a yummy bear in its prime.

While the hunter in this video shoots a bit farther away than we prefer (we recommend inside 200 yards–way inside), he gives an excellent demonstration on just how much care to take when you approach a bear which has been shot.  In our view, it wouldn’t have hurt to put an insurance shot into the beast before closing the last twenty yards or so, even if the bear’s not moving.  These are dangerous animals when cornered or wounded and you seldom get a second chance if one decides to end you.


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