The Wikiup: Primitive Forest Shelter (LocaCarnivore Hunter Survival Series)

While there are many fine choices in modern, lightweight tents, they are expensive and add weight to a hunter’s pack.  There is a way, however, to hunt fast and light, yet have shelter at hand in any wooded environment.  Our ancestors had a better way to obtain temporary shelter while away from their main camp or village.  Rather than drag a shelter around, they carried simple, versatile tools on their belts and knowledge in their heads which allowed them to stay warm and dry no matter where they went to hunt.

The wikiup is a prime example.  A wikiup is a simple conical shelter made from saplings and tree boughs similar in appearance to a tee-pee or yurt.  Conical structures have designed-in strength: they resist wind, rain, and snow, and are easy and quick to construct.  If you have just a survival knife or a hunting knife and hatchet, you can build a wikiup whenever, and wherever it is needed.  Here’s how it’s done.

After we posted this video, the owner of the video decided to make it unavailable to replay on any other website besides YouTube.  To access it, click on the video below and then click on the link when it appears, which will direct you to YouTube.  Thanks for your understanding!


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