Bear Roulette: You Bet Your Life When They Charge [Video]

When you hunt in bear country, you are always on the menu.  If a bear finds you, and is curious, what they chose to do about you is at the bear’s pleasure.  Here’s a heart stopping bear charge caught on video.  This hunter waited for game other than the bear which showed up.  He tried several times to warn it off.  A good bear, in these circumstances, will run away once they figure out you’re human.  A bad bear will get curious and work its way closer.

You don’t know the bear’s day.  It might have a kill, or cubs, nearby.  It might not have had a meal in days.  It might have been injured and is in a grumpy mood.  It might just want to beat the heck out of something.  Only the bear understands its motivations.

It may decide to charge.  Bears often bluff charge.  They run at you to see if you’ll hold your ground or run away, and pull up at the last moment.  If you stay put, it may figure you’re not afraid and move off because it assumes you’re more dominant.  Then again, it may think you’re challenging it and decide to whup you’re hide.

If you run, you’re prey, and it’s game on.  If you back away slow, it may decide you’re not dominant and come whup your hide.  It may bluff charge again and again, until it makes up its mind.  You are at the bear’s mercy.  So, if you get charged, you’ll have to make a big decision: shoot or don’t shoot.  Welcome to the wilderness game called, “you bet your life.”

What would you do if you were this hunter?


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