Awesome Colorado Pheasant Public Land Hunting [Video]

Few things in hunting are as fun as a day spent in open fields after pheasant.  These upland game birds are challenging to hunt and yummy to eat.  While pheasants are found throughout North America, thanks to the English who imported them during colonial days, Colorado has some excellent places to hunt these wily birds.

Since 2001, Colorado has worked hard to improve public access to prime pheasant habitat on private land in the state.  This program has produced outstanding results.  Whether you’re a resident locacarnivore or looking for a fun hunting vacation from out-of-state, Colorado has abundant birds and an easy to use land access system.

This video from Colorado Parks and Wildlife will teach you how to use their habitat based system to get more birds.  There are also many tips you can use to improve you pheasant hunting, with, or out without, dogs, even if you don’t hunt in Colorado.


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