Must Know Scope Tech (Front vs. Rear Focal Plane Reticles)

Rifle scopes are better now than ever before in history.  Everyday, manufacturers add more features, more complexity, and more cost.  It’s easy for the average hunter to get confused when it comes time to select a new scope.  There are so many options to choose from these days.  One major option which can make or break how well a scope works for you and how you hunt is focal plan location for the scope’s reticle.

The reticle, also called “cross hairs,” is the image etched onto the glass which is used to aim the scope at a target.  Reticles come in many different configurations from simple to complex, but the most basic question a scope buyer must answer is whether they want a front focal plane reticle or a rear focal plane.  Focal plane refers to where the reticle is mounted in the scope body relative to the power adjustment mechanism.

This informative video from Vortex Optics explains this often misunderstood concept.  In it, you’ll learn not just what each reticle type is, but what it will do–or not do–for you.


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