Youth Hunter Attacked by Ferocious Feral Hogs

The Missouri Department of Conservation has confirmed in a recent press release a youth hunter and his grandfather were attacked by feral hogs over the October 28th weekend.

The youth had just shot his first deer.  The pair followed the short blood trail to the dead animal.  As they attempted to tag the carcass, several feral hogs appeared and charged them.  Due to a weapons malfunction (always carry a backup), they were unable to shoot the hogs.  The grandfather managed to drive the pugnacious porkers away by shouting and waving his arms, and he feared for his grandson’s safety at one point during the attack.  The two were unable to retrieve the deer given the hogs’ ferocity and refusal to leave the area.

Conservation Agent District Supervisor Billy Barton commented, “We hope all Missourians will recognize the dangers of feral hogs and the threats that they pose to our farms and native  wildlife.  We encourage you to talk to your neighbors about the problem so we can all be on the lookout for these pests.  By doing your part, you will help keep Missouri as a great place to hunt.”


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