Secrets for Rattling and Calling Whitetail Deer [Video]

It’s the rut right now.  All over America, whitetail deer are fighting for mates.  They’ve dropped their guard and are looking for just one thing, which makes this the perfect time to rattle or call a buck to convert into fresh venison.

I’m new to still hunting for deer.  Until just a few years ago, I hunted like a wolf hunts: on the move, with eyes open and nose to the ground.  Now I hunt more and more either from a blind or a hasty ambush position, and I’ve found it’s much better to bring them to you than to wait and see if they’ll show up.

I found this nifty video which gives expert advice on how to rattle and call whitetails.  At the moment, I use artificial antlers, but I plan to convert to a rattle bag since I watched this.  The bag is much easier to carry and you don’t have to worry about poking your eye out.

So far, I’ve had limited success with the rattle and have yet to call (need to get a call, first), but based on the video, I now have a more realistic expectation as to results.  So, get a rattle bag, learn to use a call, and get out there while the deer are blinded by love.

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