LocaCarnivore Expert: Best Cartridge for Long-Range Elk [Virtual Test]

Long-range hunting is all the rage these days. Tales from far off battlefields about one-shot kills at over a mile have fired hunters’ imaginations. Rifles and bullets are now on the market which can sling lead accurately at game animals out to distances considered impossible just a decade ago—if the shooter is up to the task.

Perhaps no other game animal frustrates hunters more than the North American elk. These crafty critters seem to possess some sixth sense about hunters’ whereabouts. They often linger across valleys, safe in the assumption no one a thousand yards away can harm them. Until now.

There are many excellent long-range (beyond 500 yards) rifle cartridges, from the mild-shooting 6.5 Creedmoor to the flinch-inducing .338 Lapua. Which is best for elk, though?  Read More


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