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Tag: wilderness survival

10 Life or Death Tips About Bear Defense Handguns [Video]

Just a few decades ago, people who lived or hunted in bear country considered firearms, handguns in particular, as the sole defense against bear attack.  Then bear spray appeared on the scene and ignited a debate as emotionally charged and Read More

Bear Roulette: You Bet Your Life When They Charge [Video]

When you hunt in bear country, you are always on the menu.  If a bear finds you, and is curious, what they chose to do about you is at the bear’s pleasure.  Here’s a heart stopping bear charge caught on Read More

Wilderness Survival Secrets [Video]

Each year hunters get lost or trapped in the backcountry.  All too many times they die.  It’s vital you know how to survive in the wilderness.  There are basic skills and knowledge you must have before you set out into Read More

Best Dangerous Game Rifles: Your Life Could Depend on It

Dangerous game rifles. The very words conjure endless savannah, or wind-swept tundra, and fearsome beasts. A reliable, effective defensive firearm is a must in places such as Africa’s Serengeti, Alaska’s bush, or Montana’s mountains, and not just for people who Read More

The Best Bear Defense Handgun

“Walk softly and carry a big stick.”  No where is Teddy Roosevelt’s advice more necessary than when you are in bear country.  Bears are, under most circumstances, solitary and reclusive creatures who prefer retreat rather than confrontation when they encounter Read More

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