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Whitetail Stalk in Heavy Cover (Deer Hunting 101 Video)

Few things will get your adrenaline up as spot and stalk deer hunting in heavy cover.  It’s just you and the deer, up close and personal; predator and prey in the ancient dance.  If you can become one with the Read More

Best Secrets for Hunting Pressured Whitetail Deer [Video]

It’s every hunter’s lament.  Whitetails on public land get too much hunting pressure.  They are paranoid and hide with pride.  What can you do to outwit them and fill your freezer? LocaCarnivore found this info-packed video from Deer Hunting which Read More

Iowa Expands Legal Deer Hunting Calibers

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources announced on November 14th they will now allow  hunters to use certain pistol cartridges in rifles designed for those rounds.  The cartridges are permitted during the Youth, Disabled, and Shotgun seasons.  Iowa DNR wants Read More

LocaCarnivore Test and Review: Winchester Super X .300 WSM 180 Grain Power Point

Winchester’s ubiquitous Power Point hunting bullet has been around since the 1960’s. It is a conventional cup and draw bullet; the lead interior is not bonded to the jacket. It derives its name from the exposed lead point which initiates Read More

LocaCarnivore’s Know Your Prey Series: Whitetail Deer Vision, Part 2 [Video]

Here’s more on what a whitetail sees and how it perceives you, the hunter.   Other helpful stories you’ll like: 5 Deer Hunting Tips to Increase Your Success [Video] Lever-Action Deer Gun Shootout: .30-30 v. .44 Magnum [Video] LocaCarnivore Expert: Read More

Best Weather to Bag that Buck (LocaCarnivore How to Hunt Series)

The weather can make or break your hunt.  All animals, humans included, change their behavior based on the weather.  Perhaps you’ve heard about Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD?  Many people develop depressive symptoms during the winter due to limited daylight Read More