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Month: April 2018

The .30-30 Winchester: More Than You Think [Video]

The underappreciated .30-30 Winchester has, in all likelihood, taken more deer for more years than any other center-fire rifle cartridge in history.  Introduced in the late 19th century, it used the then new smokeless powder to produce velocities beyond what Read More

Three Guns Every Hunter Must Have [The LocaCarnivore Expert]

The current gun market is saturated with options for hunters. Semi-automatics, lever actions, bolt-actions, pump-actions, and break-actions all beckon from gun store shelves; the only limit is a hunter’s budget and available storage space. While few would argue a hunter Read More

The Death of Lead Hunting Bullets (Is Non-Lead Really Better?)

Lead-core hunting bullets may become an endangered species soon.  Lead is both a great and a bad material for bullets, but so are the non-lead alternatives.  Ever since the original Barnes pure copper bullet came to market in 1932, shooters Read More

Is Hunting in America Dying? Bill Heavey Says–It Can Happen

Famed Field and Stream columnist, Bill Heavey, takes a serious look at a serious problem: hunting’s steady decline in America.  The latest from his blog, A Sportsman’s Life, has some grim statistics which bode ill for America’s hunting tradition.  Read Read More

LocaCarnivore Expert: Best .338 Magnum (Showdown at the High-Power Corral)

Power. If you, the hunter, need or want it, look no further than the .338 caliber magnums. They offer not just raw violence (at both ends of the barrel) but also flatter trajectories than the big-bores and consummate accuracy. .338 Read More

The .375 H&H Magnum: When Everything is on the Menu, Including You

“Why do you drag that heavy African safari gun around the Rocky Mountains?” My hunting partners asked, incredulous anyone would bring such a powerful caliber on a mule deer and elk hunt. Why indeed? My memory flashed back to the Read More

Hunt for Less (5 Killer Ways You Can Cut Costs)

Hunting is often expensive.  When you add up the gear, the travel, time spent away from work, hunting licenses, guide fees, etc., one hunting trip can cost thousands, even tens of thousands.  It’s little wonder most hunting magazines feature ads Read More