Best Big Game Rifle (7 Gun Shootout Video)

What’s the best new big game rifle on offer? Every hunter has an opinion–some even have two. We found this well produced video from ScoutLook. Their staff field tested seven different new guns from 2017 to determine their favorite top three.

I have to agree with ScoutLook when they talk about accuracy testing. At best, any test measures what one shooter could do on one particular day with one rifle. The variables are endless. Suffice to say if the gun you get shoots 2.0 MOA, or less, you have a dandy hunting gun–don’t whine. If you plan on shooting farther than 500 yards, you’ll want 1.0 MOA. Anything more is merely icing on the cake or hunting camp bragging material which won’t make any difference whether or not you put meat in the freezer.

Another complain I share with these guys is a distaste for affordable bolt-guns whose safety does not lock the bolt closed when it is applied. I’ve seen too many guns with unlocked bolts come out of battery while a hunter carried them in the field. Often the result is a lost round left somewhere along the trail and a big surprise when you bring the weapon to your shoulder for the make or break shot. Are you listening Ruger and Mossberg? I mean, how much are you guys saving on production costs to justify this?

The other bugaboo I have is with detachable magazines. Call me old-fashioned, but hunting guns are better off with built-in mags. There’s just less to go wrong.

Sit back and watch this great video. Do agree with these guys’ results?

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