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Month: January 2018

LocaCarnivore Expert: 3 Awesome European Hunting Cartridges Americans Can Use Right Now

American shooters and hunters are, for better or worse, wedded to cartridges developed in America. The most popular in the States are the .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, .30-30 Winchester, .300 Winchester Magnum, and 7mm Remington Magnum—Americans, all. Europe has its Read More

Can’t Miss Military Camouflage Secrets for Hunters [Video]

Hunters spend countless dollars on the latest high-fashion camo, and the gear makers tempt us with ever more realistic patterns every year.  They’d like you to believe you need an outfit for each terrain and season you hunt–perhaps every hour Read More

LocaCarnivore Expert: Top 7mm Hunting Cartridges [Virtual Shootout]

7mm cartridges are popular around the world and have been since the 7×57 Mauser appeared in 1893. Hunters love the flat trajectories, accuracy, and deep penetration into large game animals 7mm bullets provide. The “Sevens’ are divided in power between Read More

Loaded for Bear: The Saga Continues [Exclusive]

I’m mad.  Okay, perhaps frustrated is more accurate.  Why?  Simple.  Spring bear season is a scant few months away and I still don’t have the 300 grain load I want for my .375 H&H. Why?  Simple.  I can’t get the Read More

LocaCarnivore Test and Review: Best Women’s Hunting Gloves

If you’re blessed with constantly warm hands while hunting, I envy you. When my hands get cold, they really get cold.  Even dogs’ cold noses shy away from my hands.  I know I’m not alone. Many women face this problem. Read More

Long Range Hunting: Do it Right or Go Home

Let’s get one thing straight, most game animals are taken at two hundred yards or less. Shooting—and hitting—at longer ranges is the exception, not the rule. So why is long-range hunting now all the rage? Two major factors influenced this Read More

LocaCarnivore Expert: The Best .308 Based Cartridge [Virtual Test]

When the U.S. Military replaced the venerable .30-06 Springfield with the .308 Winchester, aka 7.62mm NATO, in 1952, no one thought it would become the most popular hunting cartridge in America. Like its storied predecessor, many other cartridges were developed Read More

Killer Pronghorn Bow Hunting Secrets [Video]

When you hunt pronghorn, you accept the biggest challenge North American big game hunting offers.  These smart (and tasty) survivors from the Pleistocene can see you miles away.  Their eyes are equal to eight power binoculars.  They can hit 60 Read More

Secrets to Getting the Correct Bow Fit [Video]

Archery is all about form.  Get the body mechanics right, and you’ll drive arrow after arrow on target.  Get it wrong, and you’ll chase every possible cause for missing and never find the answer.  Proper bow fit is crucial to Read More

LocaCarnivore Expert: Affordable Hunting Rifles–Military Surplus to the Rescue

New Life for Old War Horses Hunters have used military surplus rifles for over a century and a half. They are rugged, affordable, and available.  Retired military guns are often dumped on the civilian market in waves after major conflicts, Read More

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